Sydney's Hello Kitty Diner Review

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Hey guys! Recently the Hello Kitty diner opened in Sydney and being a sucker for anything cute, i gave the diner a go knowing that maybe the food wouldn't be the greatest (usually happens when they focus on decor). So i got there and thank goodness there was no line, lucky us! It looked like an American diner with a bit of hello kitty here and there but i felt that it was definitely catered to a more western feel as the decoration wasn't too over the top which was disappointing. It looked kind of hipster? I don't know but it was lacking kawaii-ness. So despite the disappointing interior, the cutlery and plates were also boring. They used normal plates with HK napkins/tissue paper on it, say whatttttt? The portions were also small and the prices weren't all that attractive BUT despite my rants, some of the food was nice.

The food. The plates T_T so sad... not enough HK theme and food

The food. The plates T_T so sad... not enough HK theme and food

I ordered the mozzarella sticks with jalapeno sauce and that was pretty damn good. The yuzu and white chocolate milkshake was also YUM YUM! The waffles and fried chicken was not bad but proportions were no good. The sweet potato fries were really soft so it just tasted like it was baked but the miso sauce that came with it was the good part. I also tried the pulled pork burger and it wasn't very good. :(

So would i go again? Yes for the milkshakes and mozzarella sticks only. 



The District, 436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood 2067

Riame xx

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