Tony Moly Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick

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Hey guys! I bought the Tony Moly eye stick a few weeks ago and have decided to review it today.

Cute Packaging

Cute Packaging

A portable eye serum in a stick that moisturizes and cools the delicate skin around the eyes as it smoothes the appearance of fine lines. It will instantly cool and de-puff tired eyes while minimizing the appearance of fine lines with this multitasking eye stick. Infused with nourishing and hydrating bamboo extracts, this serum cools and soothes skin around the delicate eye area while it hydrates.

Good Part

♥ Cute Packaging

♥ Affordable

♥ Moisturising

♥ Compact size

Bad Part

♥ Cooling effect lasts 5 secs

♥ Can't see any visible results

Little blue stick

Little blue stick

What I thought: 

I bought this panda stick since I LOVE cooling items. Literally anything cooling, I'll get it. One of my favourites is the Lip Ice which provides long lasting cooling lip balm effects. Anyways so i bought this product thinking it'd provide me long lasting cooling effects. Despite the cute packaging, I was disappointed with how long the cooling effect lasted, literally 3-5 seconds. I mean the product smells pretty good, like an aquatic type of scent (as weird as that sounds). Like you know aqua products that smell cooling? Yer like that. Anyways this stuff smells good and it DOES moisturise however I was really buying it for the cooling effects and It didn't impress me enough to make me want to purchase it again. It however did not break me out (woohoo!). If your just looking for an eye stick that can temporary cool and moisturise your eyes, give this a try. 

Rating: ♥♥♥ 3/5 (for temporary cooling and moisturising)

Feel free to ask any questions!

Riame xx 




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Very good reviews, absolutely worth reading and you do it in style.

Riame 01/07/2016 14:27

Thank you :) Riame x