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I was so happy today~
Because i got to see..'him' :]]
I was late for school and it turned out he was late too so i was soo happy. The outfit he was wearing looked so good which made me even more happy so i was smiling the whole bus ride...i was in heaven~~

I stood infront of my friend's roll call for ages and he was there :P who you might ask? 'Him' of course. Yes he was with his friends playing around and i just waited for my friend outside of her roll call. She didn't come so i ended up going back to my roll call. The reason i was looking for her was because for science, i wasn't allowed flats, the teacher goes crazy...and i needed to swap shoes with someone really quickly. Turned out that we were going to the COMPUTER ROOM, all that fuss for nothing! Argh~~ I was sitting by myself....yes i was a half loner (see below) in science T_T

Half loner: You have friends in the class but you just don't sit with them OR they talk about things you don't know about so you feel like a ring in and just wonder off

Cross country...alot happened...
-jap skank was sniffing around my friend's crush..argh it burned my eyes to watch,
sad thing was yes..she's pretty ..mehh
-'Him' ran and it was so cute :D
-My friend's long term hot ex crush smiled and bowed to me...yes he's hot :]]

-i finally got some exercise walking up the hill~burned off that milky way from yesterday YES!
-no work..just sitting around and eating..overall just being fatties
-more but i can't remember or too much to type(i have perfect long distance memory but
my short distance sucks like crap..yes i'm old x.x)

Sadly i only got 1 pic
But better than nothing

:D Enough from me today
I'm tired~~
Bye :]]
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Lisa 12/20/2009 01:19

You are such an addict