Half Yearly Exams D:

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The world has ended right...now
I have half yearlys next week and i need this week to...STUDY
Today in maths, i hardly understood anything so i have to study more of maths this time
since last time i got ...*holds breath* 51%...T_T I know i know...failure
Lowest mark in maths i have ever gotten in my entire life, how depressing

I'm studying this week so i won't be blogging often~
My face experiment has been going..neutral, no BIG chances...x.X yet

Anyways Monday is my History Elective and Maths Calculator test...so i should prepare for that
pretty soon

I'll be posting some makeup photos/simple tutorial
for you guys so wait for that :P

My face experiment will continue until the end date..which is Friday! I'll blog more than

Bye for now
x ~~

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