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...I failed my maths calculator test...again

I spent the rest of the day being depressed but no point in that now...
the test was pretty hard for a maths test...uh meaning usually maths tests aren't this hard
but that doesn't mean it was hard hard meaning actually hard. Just hard for a maths test

I studied a WHOLE week on maths. Wasn't enough...many things on the test i didn't even get!
Also some questions were never in the textbook or my theory book so how the hell was i suppose
to know how to do may think common sense but mm the test didn't make sense
The teacher who wrote it was my teacher, he's at teaching....can't speak proper english

History elective was ok, not too bad but i'm not expecting WOW results since i didn't study at all for it.
It makes me angry that i studied so hard for maths to only get crappy results...
i haven't gotten my results yet but i already know i did bad because i couldn't understand half of the things the test was asking

 My skin experiment.........FAILED..
I think i got even more pimples..
Trying to reduce pimples by cleaning your face more often and moisturising doesn't help entirely, maybe alittle
It's mostly about what you eat, i had been snacking on lollies so i guess that's my answer...

I did these on Saturday night, i was bored so i decided to paint my nails :]]
I call it Spotty Dotty
I used Rimmel and Maybelline nailpolish

I'll tell you how the rest of my week goes later on

Bye for now




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