A Hectic Week

Published on by Riame

This week felt longg~~
I think it's the exams kicking in
I got my maths result! 55% Wow
i didn't actually fail...it was asian fail
but not literally failing
:o big surprise there

I have another week of exams and then i'm done!
I really need to buy a bento box soon
Hopefully i'll buy one by next week...

I have so many photos to post up but have been busy..
Some photos need to be cut so won't be able to post them up yet
I'll be posting a few photos up and continuing trying to
finish my blog layout x.x

Had to clean up my makeup box since some of my mineral foundation fell in it
Emptied all the context out on my bed, i had some in other places so there isn't much there

Anyways Byee
Riame x :]]

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Ashish 07/03/2009 07:38

Great to be keen about glamor, fashion and modern lifestyle.