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Yes i'm finally writing in my blog again...i haven't actually been busy...i just didn't feel lke writing in my blog but since no one is talking to me on msn, well someone did but our conversation died..i decided to write in my blog again.

In my previous blogs, i wrote somewhere that i'd be doing makeup and fashion blogs as well...
Well here's just a simple makeup update :]]

I got this Eyeshadow palette from Aldi LOL but it's pretty good so don't judge the cheap German store :]]

My 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette..~

The Light Eyeshadow section with flash

Update to my life: I'm picking my cousin and auntie up from the airport today. They went to Cairns and Brisbane for a 5 day holiday to have some fun~! :]] Can't wait to see their photos and everything. xD p.s I have no courage when it comes to guys.... X.X

Anyways Byee xoxo

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