Tests and nails

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Omg the past few weeks have been terrible. Exams and assignments are drowning me.
I've been in hell and i'm still in it since yearlys goes on for another week
I should be studying since i have two essays tomorrow
i guess i'll have to do it later
Anyways i hope everyone has been well
I didn't update my blog for ages so i'll post a few photos of my past nails
(i enjoy decorating my nails but they've got to be short for playing the piano)
Love Riame x

Pink nails with black stripes
i call it 'Zebra' xD

Pink nail polish with a black and strawberry pink bow
I <333 Bows :]]

This is called 'Bow loves pink'

Black nails with silvery pink top
(with flash)
I call it 'Silver frosting'

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