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Hello people :]

Omg! Only one week left until school starts for me...

I am soo not looking forward to another year of

massive amounts of schoolwork.

Oh well...at least i'll continue blogging ^^

Today will just be on mostly food and abit of others

as well. Hope you enjoy and continue supporting me :]


Haagen-dazs Ice Cream in Shanghai~

Haven't heard of it?


in other words, it is a famous company that sells ice cream...

very very yummy ice cream.

9/10 Rich but still good. Haagendazs is one of my favourite

ice creams :]

I forgot what it was called but there were about 8 different

ice cream flavours on a waffle basket with a chocolate leaf

and bits of cream.



Passionflower in Sydney

The company only started from 1997 which is

quite new but they have a delicious variety of choices.

8/10 Pretty good ice cream but also abit pricey.]

This one was called Lasting Love and it consisted of

Mango and Strawberry ice cream with strawberries,

kiwis, peaches in strawberry syrup.



Also from Passionflower called Chocolate Healing.

7/10 We ordered it with strawberries, bananas, waffles and

some kind of biscuit that came free. The chocolate was very

yummy but the bad part was it was so shallow! There was

practically no chocolate in it except for a thin coating

which was very disappointing. Also the waffles weren't

very fresh but other than that, it was still enjoyable.



I got these done in Shanghai and they were free! YES FREE :D

This was because my family had eaten at the restaurant that

it was connected to and we had spent quite alot of money, the more

money you spend, the better the manicure.

This are completely fake. I was so surprised how real they looked

on my fingers and no one even realised that these weren't my real nails.

The girl who did my nails had glued on clear plastic nails and then

painted and decorated them as you can see.

10/10 I loved these...I would definitely go back if i get the chance next time.




Just me being silly at GPK (Gourmet Pizza Kitchen)



Until nxt time,

Riame xx

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