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A few simple facts about me~

Since it is November~ I'll write down 11 facts~

Anyways here's just alittle bit about me:

1. I may not look like it but i used to be very active in swimming, softball, tennis, dancing etc.

2. I love to sing...absolutely love it...as you can see from random covers i do from boredom

3. I'm a big fan of food...i'm like a gluttinous queen

4. I love anime and manga...but i'm not an otaku~!! At least i hope not

5. My talents are skipping and hoola hooping (my friend and I as a team were the best skippers in our primary and we also learnt hoola hooping tricks together)

6. I used to be good at drawing...back in the days

7. I have a phobia of dead animals especially ones on the road...trust me..you don't want to see my reactions.

8. I have really good long term memory, i can still remember things from kindergarden and even younger ages that people have long forgotten

9. I wanted to be a singer before but haven't had a chance to send in my incompleted application and now i've just decided to become an international ESL teacher although if i was given the chance, i'd take it. I've also been on tv with many others for singing in a big event.

10. I love the outdoors, camping, bush walking, hiking...anything to do with nature~!

11. I like to imitate animation and put on fake accents...it's fun ^^ heheh~


I also thought it'd be cool to post 11 facts about Australia:

1. No, we really don't ride kangeroos to school.

2. Schools are mostly outdoors except classes, everyone eats outside, some people stand, eat and play handball...a.k.a all the boys

3. It's very peaceful and full of nature in most areas if away from the city

4. There's ALOT of beaches...lots and lots of nice sea water and sand

5. I still think there's nothing special about the Australian accent but apparently i'm wrong since so many overseas people love it

6. Yes...Australia is somewhat depicted like in the movies, blond girls in bikinis and blond surfer guys surfing and people eating fish and chips in the corner shops and lots of seagulls.

7. Australia doesn't really have a nightlife...if you don't live in the city...it's pretty silent 

8. We have nice meat pies.

9. Please go to the Great Barrier Reef before it's too late. <- (not really a fact)

10. Australians are generally very friendly and cheerful people...i mean generally.

11. There are LOADS of asians...was there enough emphasis on that?


Should i provide some advertisement for travellers?

Hahaha just kidding~

But here enjoy some nice picture spams:



A group of female surfers at Newcastle Beach.

Kpop Festival tomorrow~!

I can't wait to see Seungho ^^

Riame xx



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