Alive or not

Published on by Riame

Hi guys!! I'm so excited to say that after my exams finish, i will be blogging again! But not only that, i will be changing some things on my blog to make it look better! Including the banner since it has been there for wayyyy too long. I'll be doing more reviews and even trying to film some videos! I'm thinking for one of my videos, why not do a lipstick comparison review since i love my lipsticks and would love to share with you guys my favourite ones and my opinions about them! Even if they get like no views, it doesn't really matter since i'm doing it for my blog and for any one who is looking into buy new lipsticks :]... I hope you guys have all been well and all i can say is just to wait for me! and soon my blog will be alive again ^^. Until next time! 

Riame xx

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