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I did a double update today with my FOTD/OOTD post and this food review for you guys since i had free time to blog ^^

Food Review: Arigato Izakaya Chatswood


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My friends and I had no idea where to eat as there aren't many reasonably priced restaurants in Chatswood so we decided to try something new since Mamak was over-flowing with usual. We sat outside and there were see-through plastic covers around the area.


Atmosphere: 6/10 The restaurant was quite busy and we were sat next to a loud group of asians who were drunk. It wasn't relaxing nor comfortable.


Design: 6/10 We sat outside so there was nothing special about the outside decoration but inside seemed alot more stylish with dark walls and dimmed light...very mysterious sort of feeling.


Food Quality: 6/10 There were several nice dishes but also several bland dishes that just didn't taste good although i tried to eat as much as i could fit...bad idea...since i ended up feeling bloated. My friend and I both ordered Tonkatsu ramen with different soup flavours (miso and shoya) however they tasted almost the same and equally as bland as each other. The tonkatsu was also hard. The tempura and cream cheese sushi made up for it though.


Food Range: 6.5/10 There wasn't a huge variety of food. The restaurant just served common Japanese food as well as sushi and sashimi.


Service: 4/10 The service was terrible! We waited for...20 minutes until they came and gave us menus...and this was when we constantly called out to them. Even though it was busy, it wasn't the way to treat your customers. The waiters hardly came to us so we had to keep waving our hands. We didn't really have a good time at the restaurant due to lousy service and obnoxious drunk people next to us laughing their heads off. The food also came very slowly.


Price: 6/10 Personally i found the prices quite expensive since i have a frugal trait...maybe it's the asian blood :P


Overall: 6/10 I don't think i'm coming here again unless i have to. I just hope they improve their customer service and make a new recipe for that ramen soup...seriously!



Shop P7
1-5 Railway St

Chatswood New South Wales 2067



California Roll! This tasted good...but then again...which Japanese restaurant can't make good california rolls...none :B


Spring rolls and Gyoza. I only tasted the spring rolls and they were yummy however weirdly cut


BEST dish of the night~ Tempura and cream cheese sushi...this one tasted so good~!!


Spicy Tuna Roll~ Looks better than it tasted. It was ok...


Close up...Pretty presentation :3


Miso Tonkatsu word....bland :/

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