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Hi everyone!

I just got back from Korea todayy and i'm back in Shanghai for about 2 and a half weeks~ I had an amazing time in Korea...fantastic place..i loved it and it felt very homely :] Everyone was nice and tall and fashionable. More good looking guys than pretty girls :P :P Hahaha i actually have alot to blog about and SO MANY photos but i'll only post the main ones up~ The makeup over there is also amazingly cheap but i'm not too sure about the quality...i hope it's good since i bought alot of it. When i get back to Australia~ I'll be blogging about my entire trip going into more detail than this so hope you guys continue visiting my blog ^^ I also have so many items to review...and show you guys~ So excited~

*image taken off google

Anyways off to bed~

Riame xx

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thank you!