Bad Luck

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Hi guys~

My flight back had the worst luck...the flight was delayed 45 minutes due to the airplane being late >_< and also i was placed in a rather uncomfortable seat with lots of crying babies surrounding me. To top it all of my suitcases along with 56 others was left behind in Shanghai due to the airplane not being able to carry everything since it became overweight. I'm waiting now for the airport to send my luggage home between 8-11pm, hopefully it comes soon D:

I'm back in Australia and may i just say, I already don't have much to do...being overseas was always so lively and surrounded by people, it was really comfortable. The bad part was that i couldn't continue with my reviews for you guys so that's one of the parts i'm looking forward to ^^ My PC is also in a bad state, i probably have to delete everything on it to fix it so i'll be blogging on my laptop for the time being. I'll separate my Korea and Shanghai blog posts and just go into depth with the different places and also the shopping which will be coming soon.

Back soon~

Riame xx

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