BeautyMate Nano Mask Kochi Honey Melon

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Hi hi~

It's been so cold recently brrrr~~

Wasting so much energy on heaters and electric blankets

:P For the first time today, i actually had decent sleep!

In who knows how many months~~ Today was a day

where i didn't feel like i was sleepy even when i just

woke up which is definitely amazing :O since i always

get headaches from too much sleep or not enough ><

Anyways i'm back with a review on one of my sasa

masks i got last time, Kochi Honey Melon~!

Enjoy ^~^

BeautyMate Strawberry Mask review:


Review: BeautyMate Nano Mask Kochi Honey Melon


BeautyMate Nano Mask Kochi Honey Melon is manufactured

with the newly imported nano technology. Combined with a

close-fitting mask cutting, the technology can effectively

release essence nutrients into skin cells to bring you a unique

skin care experience.

Kochi Honey Melon is just as sweet as honey, giving ample

nourishment to your skin, keep providing moisture and lock

them under skin layer. Your skin will be energized with

profound moisture and nourishment.






Overall: 9/10

This smelt like yummy honey dew melon but it wasn't too strong

which was good. The results were pleasant as my face felt

firmer, smoother and cooler! It also shrunk my pores :]]

Beautymate masks have quite a wet formula

so after you remove it, pat your face gently with a tissue but

don't wipe off the excess liquid as your skin will absorb it.


Riame xx 

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