Being abit of a fatty

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Hey guys!

I've been eating so much recently! I don't even know why...I am just constantly eating and not doing any exercise D:

Oh yer.....pot belly here i come.

Only joking~ I wouldn't let myself go to that stage >~<

I have a few reviews coming up including:

-Prestige Anti-Aging Lipstick

-Rimmel Exaggeration Eye Liner

-Model Co Eyeshadow Trio

-Forever New Eyeshadow Duo

-Naked Minerals Gloss

and more :D

But for today...i'll just post photos of food! Tehee..~ One of my favourite things :] I'm a true fatty on the inside ^~^



 Kimchi Pancake aka Kimchi Jeon~ Yum!


Who doesn't like fruit with some cream on top :P


Daeji Bulgogi with duk and cheeseeeee


Just throw in some soy milk, strawberries and kiwifruit with some honey to create this yummy smoothie that's low-fat and also healthy!


Dumplings/Gyoza/Mandu Omnomnomn


The crunchy bits :P


Karaage Chicken! Ohhh :D

Heheh just the look of food makes me happy... :3


Anyways back soon, Riame xx

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