Candy Doll Lipstick and Lipgloss

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I'm back with the Candy Doll review...finally!!


I've been sick this week but i went out to

have dinner for my birthday! :] Thanks to

all my friends who wished me a Happy Birthday~

Oh and my jagi~ hehe

Anyways i got my items from

Love that site :]]

-Ramune Pink Lipstick $20

-Macaroon Pink Lipgloss $20


Review: Candy Doll lipstick and lipgloss









Ramune Pink Lipstick

 lipgloss 008


lipgloss 013 



L and M (Flash in different lighting), R(No flash)


Enlarged version of the middle one from above


Overall: 4.5/5 Love it! Love the packaging, love the colour, love the

texture. It has no smell and goes on very smoothly. It is also

very opaque. The colour is sort of a creamy peachy pastel.

It looks very natural and is great for everyday wear but make sure

your lips are exfoliated~


Macaroon Pink Lipgloss

lipgloss 012 


BLAH 3663 


Macaroon Pink Lipgloss: L(No flash), R(Flash)



Overall: 3/5 i think the colour is quite nice but i don't really like the

texture of this lipgloss >< It has no smell and is also very opaque.

The texture is thick yet not sticky which is the good part. The

lipgloss feels quite heavy on my lips and to tell you the truth, i don't

like when my lips feel heavy haha. It also goes into the cracks which

you have to be careful with, so make sure your lips are well

exfoliated. The problem with this lipgloss is just the texture and i

also don't like the taste of it. It is really weird and just not pleasant.

I don't mind wearing this lipgloss on special occasions where i don't

have to taste it so basically at times where i don't eat. Oh i almost

forget, it is also hard to apply evenly! It took me agesss since some

parts were darker then the rest and some areas didn't have enough

and when i tried to even it out, it just wouldn't listen! Ok...enough

ranting on this product..don't let this stop you from buying it of

course but it's just my preference, overall it's a not too bad product.

Oh dear... i wrote too much >~<


Riame xx


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Ai 08/15/2011 06:54

you should try to use candydoll lip concealer before you put the color on.

Riame 08/20/2011 08:02

Ahh yes~ It is recommended to put on a lip concealer first~ ^^

Catherine 06/08/2011 14:29

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Catherine Meyers 06/07/2011 14:22

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Good luck again with your blog, Riame and looking forward to hearing from you.



Riame 06/08/2011 12:39


I have done both~ Thanks for helping and hope you have a good day :]


Catherine Meyers 06/06/2011 16:32

Hi Riame,

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Riame 06/07/2011 12:32

Hi Catherine~

I'd love to have a link exchange with you~ Thanks so much for reading my blog as well. Just let me know what i have to do and hope to hear from you soon~

Riame :]