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Hello everyone!

I still haven't blogged about my trip to China

so i'll make sure to update with alot of posts

on that :]]


Just showing you guys a few things i bought :P






This was super cheap and smells delishh~

It's smell isn't as strong as Body Shops Butters but still good :]



 Omnomnomn! Can't really say much about Pocky except that it is



Smelt like mint and was very nourishing for my lips :]]

Bought it from SASA in Shanghai



 I love this lipbalm! It has SPF15, smells super yummy and

has a cool fresh feeling after you apply to your lips. Menthol type~




Fimo fruits! They're so tiny but cute :] Can't wait to cut these up and stick them on my nails~~

Sorry for the MASSIVE picture spams but these are just some of the lovely things i got~ More to come and more reviews to come as well!


Riame xx

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