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Hi everyone!

My China trip was also great but i always go so there wasn't much difference from last year~ It's a good place to shop and there is always nice food around ^^.


I went to a Japanese restaurant and the food was super tasty...this caesar salad is the BEST i've ever had.

China and Korea 067

Yakisoba~ also very good :]

China and Korea 085

I saw this and just had to take a's a giant circular tv...with a restaurant on the inside~

China and Korea 086

Very old traditional looking Chinese buildings and environment~

China and Korea 087

China and Korea 091

Toffee covered fruit on sticks~ YUM...although they were huge so i got really full after finished a stick of strawberries :D

China and Korea 820

Maglev Train aka Magnetic Levitation train. It is the first commercially operated high-speed magnetic levitation line in the world. The top operational commercial speed of this train is 431 km/h (268 mph), making it the world's fastest train in regular commercial services since its opening in 2004, faster than TGV in France and also faster than the latest CRH conventional wheel train in China at 350 km/h (217 mph). The top operational speed of 431 km/h (268 mph) is also faster than the top speed of any Formula One car.

It's also called the 'floating' train. The ride was really smooth and you could hardly tell it was going fast. Relaxing ride :]


Pretty Bamboo plants~


China and Korea 844

Thick toast with honey and vanilla ice cream...YUMMMMMM!


Amazing view of the main area in Shanghai

China and Korea 865

I love SeungHo...~ Ahehehehehe ;)


Colourful *o*

China and Korea 869

Cute Christmas decorations!

China and Korea 870

Pretty view of lights~


A huge tourist attraction but i forgot what it was called D: It's where Yuyuan Gardens is~

China and Korea 888

Yuyuan Garden

China and Korea 919

So bigg @_@ an area inside Yuyuan Gardens

China and Korea 922

Skewered food! Octopus, chicken, lamb etc. yummyy

China and Korea 929


Rainbow sushi!

China and Korea 943

Christmas decorations inside a posh shopping centre

China and Korea 949

This LV shop was actually really really SPARKLY but you can't tell in this photo which is a pity since it was really pretty~

China and Korea 955

Awesome looking Christmas Tree

China and Korea 967

I love how each sushi is individually packaged and you can choose whichever one you like...i wish they had this in Australia :[ It's actually part of a sushi train restaurant but this side was for take-away...really yummy as well :P

That's it~!

Riame xx


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