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Hi guys~

Ugh...my computer has all sorts of problems and the anti-virus system disabled itself and who knows what happened so i'm trying to download new ones. I love PCs but sometimes they can be a hassle :/ Anyways I'm excited to say that my formal is in 2 days so I'll make sure to post some photos up :]] Anyways i have a review on a body scrub i got from Daiso!


Review: Rose Body Scrub

What is Daiso?

 Daiso is founded by Hirotake Yano in Japan on 1977, it is also incorporated as Daiso Sangyo Inc. in the same year. In Japan where price, quality and design holds such importance, Daiso is able to established itself as a household name and where Daiso products are indispensible in most Japanese homes.

Basically it's a Japanese convenient store that sells practically everything for everyday living...the store is Japan is everything for $1 i think but in Australia, it is $2.80.

The store is so exciting to shop in, i love the whole layout and how Japanese-y it looks~ It really has an overseas feel to it and of course everything is cute which makes it that much more better to visit ^^

I found this scrub on one of the shelves and decided to buy because i needed a body scrub and hey it was only $2.80



Good Part:

♥ Cheap

♥ Nice packaging

♥ Exfoliates the body lightly

Bad Part:

♡ Strong smell of fake roses

♡ Gets used up fast since you need alot for your body



You can see the tiny beads in the scrub

Overall: 7/10

This smells of really strong fake roses, i don't really mind it but some people really dislike it. The scrub has tiny micro beads as you can see in the photo above to help exfoliation, personally i don't think it exfoliates that well...better than nothing but definitely not as effective as i thought it would be. The solution is quite thin and watery so you have to use alot of it. After using it, there wasn't much of a difference but my skin did feel slightly smoother so the product is okay although i wouldn't buy it again. It's not too bad for such a cheap price though.

Riame xx


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