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Hi everyone~

So far for my holidays, i've just been relaxing at home, watching dramas as well as going out for shopping. I bought a new swimsuit from Myer yesterday which i was very excited about~ I can't wait to wear it at the beach except i have to cover myself with sunscreen so i don't tan...i HATE tanning >_< Next week i'm going to be very busy

^-^ The fun is starting to unravel~ yayy~~ anyways i have a review on Dariya Make on Mist that i bought last time from Sasa. Enjoy :]]


Review: Dariya Okikosume Make on Mist

Dariya Make On Mist is a mist-type lotion that quickly replenishes skin with moisture to relieve dry skin, preventing dryness, shine and make-up deterioration. It moisturizes, touches up on make-up, and refreshes, leaving skin more delicate to the touch.

It is formulated with a blend of hyaloronic acid, collagen, mushroom extract and vitamin E to moisturise skin. The spray can solve skin dryness that occur during the day without disturbing makeup. It also helps ensure makeup stays put and fresh throughout the day.

Good Part:

♥ Cute and Unique Packaging

♥ Lovely fruity scent

♥ Light and refreshing

♥ Absorbs quickly

Bad Part:

♡ Not sure if it actually helps makeup stay put




Overall: 9.5/10

This mist has a light, refreshing smell that is alittle fruity and alittle florally. It feels nice and relaxing on the face, like an instant feel-good spray. This mist does not have any side effects or leave any stickiness on the face. It also absorbs quickly. The packaging is very cute and unique ^^. I'm not too sure if it actually makes makeup stay on longer since i use this only when my face feels dry or as a wake up call in the morning. If you're looking for a light mist to spray whenever your face feels dry, this will do the job and it's also not expensive and smells great! :]]

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