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Hi guys~

My sasa packaging came for the Dolly Wink eyeliner yayy :] Remember to always review your items on because every month, they'll pick several people with the best product reviews and they receive a $10US gift voucher like mee and you you buy whatever you like, of course you must remember that you have to pay for shipping unless you buy $75+ worth of items for free shipping worldwide. Anyways~ I've reviewed the eyeliner below so i hope you guys enjoyy ^^.


Review: Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black 


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Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner has a ultra fine yet flexible point tip, which allow greater precision with a easy to handle eyelining experience. The deep dazzling black can accentuate the glamorous eyes of yours, giving you a more defined look. This eyeliner is waterproof, sweat proof and with the quick dry formula, the eyeliner can stay on for hours without a smudge. Your look will be long wearing and gorgeous even without touch-up.


-Fine tip design for perfect & impressive big eyes from delicate fine line to bold thick line.
-Excellent quick-drying formula, sweat, tears, sebum & smudge-resistant.
-Dense black color allows you to create beautiful sharp line that stays on all day.
-Can be easily removed by lukewarm water.

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I'm a big fan of Tsubasa's products because not only are they high quality but also super cute and she's also one of my favourite Japanese models :] I really want everything from her line :S but this was a must since i love eyeliner and i also saw good reviews on this~~ Of course i wasn't disappointed :P


Good Part:

♥ Dries very quickly

♥ Easy to apply

♥ Waterproof

♥ Easily removed with warm water

♥ Smudge-free

♥ Sharp and fine point for accurate application

Bad Part:

♡ Needs several applications for thicker lines because point is very thin


 This collection includes liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, eyelash glue and eyelash case.

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I love the is beyond cute >~<


Argh........cuteness overload @_@


dolly 004 

dollyh 003

Shart and pointy brush~

dolly 005

Smudge-proof Test                             Waterproof Test


Pass~ :]


Two different ways to draw eyeliner, one is thick and the other is thin.


Overall: 9.5/10 I really like this eyeliner because it does what it's stated to do, that's waterproof, smudge proof (well 90%) and it stays on for the whole day. The colour comes out very pigmented and only takes a very short time to dry which is good to use if you're in a hurry. The applicator is also very thin so you can make precise lines that require alot of detail. In order to create thicker lines, you must repetitively go over that line OR press harder when applying because the brush is flexible so with abit of pressure, you'll be able to create thicker lines. Another amazing part of this eyeliner is that it comes off so easily with just warm water! Just gently wipe your eyes a few times until all of the colour comes out. The packaging is adorable and so is the eyeliner and it's small and handy to carry around for quick touch ups. Definitely recommended~~ :]]

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