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I had a funny night~ Hahaha

Had lots of homework to mark off at tutoring and

today was the deadline. If I couldn't mark off

everything then i'd have to pay money on top on

what i already pay (so damn expensive) to get

more help in marking everything off. Anyways due

to the overload of booklets i had to mark, i missed

my bus, my tutor had to stay behind which he wasn't

getting paid for...hahah he wanted to basically kill

me. To top it all off, the bus i missed was the last bus

and when i called my dad to pick me up, he said he

wasn't going to come. LOL As well as wanting to kill

me...ohh funny night~ Anyways! Back to my review on

EOS Adult Brown from pinkyparadise.com that i got

ages ago but never got around to reviewing which i will

do now :]


Review: EOS Adult Brown

Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm


Comfort: 6.5/10 Rather drying~ My eyes felt really

dry after wearing these lens for a long time but

it's okay for maybe under 5 hrs. I could also

feel the lens in my eyes constantly but it

wasn't painful or anything.


Colour: 7.5/10 Hmm...the colour is closer to the 1st

picture than the 2nd one. It's a darkish hazel shade

with dark brown patterns and it sort of glistens under

the sun :P


Naturalness: 8.5/10 Actually more natural looking

then i thought it would be. It doesn't look too fake

yet it makes your eyes look lighter and brighter.


Enlargement6/10 Hardly any enlargement as it is

only 14.0 mm so it is more natural looking.


Overall: 7.5/10 I like these lens even though they

aren't the most comfortable ones. They look nice

when you're going for the natural look so i wear

these lens occasionally :] Only thing i wished

was it would feel more comfortable!



Flash                                                                              No Flash

Omg...i'm so sorry for the terribly gross no flash pic...i took

it on a day when my eyes were really sore, not from the

contacts so not to worry~ It also came out blurry :3 and i didn't

take anymore because all i wanted to do was take the lens

out! Sorry again, i hope you can forgive me ^~^''







Riame xx

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