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Hello everyone~

Sorry i haven't posted recently.

Life has been very busy for me~

From the article i posted before~

I had a photo of my for audrey konad manicure~

I'll write the steps down for it just incase you want

to try it out at home :]]


What i used:

-For Audrey China Glaze

-Cutex Ridgefiller

-Maybelline Salon Manicure

-Covergirl Boundless Color

-plate m71

-plastic scraper






1. Paint on a base coat for each nail. I used the

Cutex Ridgefiller. Wait for it to dry.

2. Paint on your choice of nail polish. I used For Audrey.

Wait until it dries.

3. Choose a nail polish and konad your nails with m71.


I used the top right hand side stamp and also Covergirl White Night.

Wait until it dries.

4. Top off your nails with a top coat. Be careful here because

you may smudge your konad-ed nails. I used Maybelline

Salon Manicure Top Coat for this.

 5. Use a cotton tip and nail polish remover to clean any




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 No Flash

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Thanks for the nice comment :] Promoting my site would be wonderfull~ and thanks again

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Very, very pretty. SWEET.
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Riame 07/23/2010 11:13

I'll make sure to check it outt :]