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Hey guys~~

I had my Formal at Waters Edge and the view was really nice, it was right next to the Harbour Bridge~! The venue was smaller than i thought though, it wasn't big enough >_< However the mocktails were really nice~ Sadly the formal wasn't that good and the food was pretty bad as well but oh well, it's still a memory i won't forget ^^


My Champagne Nails for my outfit~

formall 029

I actually had alot of makeup on but you can't really tell in this photo~
My eyelids are actually a cream colour with a brown eyeshadow on top and cream eyeshadow on the bottom~

My hair is actually curled at the back using Michelle Phan's tutorial called Simple Romantic Updo however you can't really see it since i didn't get a chance to take a proper photo of it~ It looked like this though (video below)


My friend Ellie and me~

formall 053

See what i mean by good view~ :]

formall 054

Minami and me~

formall 057

My friend Hong :]]


My table~

formall 087

Entree...Greek Salad~ Was ok~
formall 088

Other Entree...I think it was Mushroom Risotto...was ok too but slightly salty

formall 093

Main Course...Chicken, steamed vegetables and pasta...chicken was plain but edible...vegetables were ok and pasta was bland~

formall 094

Other Main Course~Meat was so tough and the middle was bloody...shouldn't that mean it would be tender...sauce had no flavour...potato cheese thing was edible, that is what i had for the whole night...and the steamed vegetables~

I left the venue before dessert got served hahah oh well~ The chocolate pudding tasted too rich anyway~

Riame xx

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