Freshkon Mystical Black Lens

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Just going to do a quick review of my Freshkon Alluring Eyes contact lens in Mystical Black.


 So Day 2: Review of Mystical Black lens



Here is a picture of the advertisement for the lens.


Dia: 14.2

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Water Content: 55%


Comfort: 6.5/10 This was very surprising as i thought it'd feel very comfortable.  I'm not sure what the problem was but my left eye constantly felt like there was something in it and sometimes it watered. Later on i realised there was a small hole in my contact lens. -_- Oh dear.......luckily the eye heals quite quickly so there was no permanent damage. Even the first time i wore these lens when it didn't have the hole, the comfort was limited.


Enlargement: 8/10 These definitely enlarged my eyes. At first i thought i looked pretty scary but i was surprised that a lot of my friends didn't notice my contacts unless they looked at my eyes very closely.


Naturalness: 8/10 The good thing about these contacts were they enlarged my eyes yet they still could pass off as being

'natural' looking.


Overall: 7/10 It was sad how i had to throw these contacts away after maybe only 5 uses. I liked these lens despite the comfort levels and can't wait to open my second pair that i purchased with the first pair. :]]




Until next time ^~^


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Mery Jack 07/30/2012 09:39

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Riame 07/30/2012 13:41

Thank you very much ^^