Geo Nudy Golden Blue

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Finally took photos of my golden blue nudys from Kiwiberry1.



Contact Lens Review: Geo Nudy Golden Blue  

Dia: 14.0

Water Content: 38%

Base Curve: 8.6cm


Comfort: 7/10 It was so so, not the best but not the worst.

My eyes felt abit dry at moments but eye drops fixed that.


Colour: 9/10 I love the colour, it was really pretty. It's between

an aqua, turquoise, grey and light blue. The speckles also

make your eyes glisten if that makes sense. Haha~


Naturalness: 6.5/10 Well you don't often see an asian

with greeny blue eyes so it wasn't very natural but it

also didn't look completely fake, i was told it made

me look like i had some caucasian blood in me.


Enlargement: 7.5/10 Not very enlarging as it was only 14.0

in diameter but there was still noticeable enlargement!


Overall: 8/10 I actually really like these lens despite they

are non-prescription which is a bummer. I would have worn

them very often if they were in prescription.



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