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Hi guys~~

I've been ok~ same old same old since there really isn't anything exciting about the last year of high school. Since i'm abit bored at the moment, i'll post some pictures and talk about them which you've seen me do a couple of times :] I'm preparing a big sasa haul so be ready for some reviews in the future! :P


I don't even know why they included the eyelid thingy tool because don't even need it, it's more for double eyelid glue! I use this when my eyelids are uneven but usually i don't really care if my eyes are uneven or not~


My friend bought me these super cute stationary~ Most cutest rubbers ever...i can't even use them because i want to preserve the cuteness.


MBLAQ is number 1 for me~ I'm completely Seungho bias and i just find him amazing but i also like the rest :P


This little baby is very useful and it also works so i highly recommend people to buy it because we all have stains...hidden somewhere and you can also carry it around in your handbag just incase you drop some chocolate on your shirt before a date, it'll be your lifesaver ^^

That's it for now~

Riame xx

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