Holika Holika Pore Cover Mousse Starter SPF 30

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Hello everyone! Mother's Day is tomorrow :D Hope everyone is doing something special for their mum to show their appreciation for her. I managed to watch all the Marvel Avengers' movies before going to watch the actual one on Tuesday. They were all pretty good but Thor had a 'different' feel from the other two so i guess that's why it had more of an impact on me. Actually, i didn't watch all of them since i haven't seen Hulk/The Incredible Hulk yet. Today i have a review on my Holika Holika Mousse Starter that i got from Korea at Myeongdong. I first saw it on Sasa and wanted to buy it, i was surprised to find it in Korea so i bought it straight away instead of ordering from Sasa.


Review: Holika Holika Pore Cover Mousse Starter SPF 30 PA++


I think the picture above is the older version since the updated/newer version has SPF 30 PA++ but pretty sure the formula is exactly the same apart from that and the packaging.

HolikaHolika Strawberry Pore Cover Mousse Starter 100ml

This is the newer version which is available on Sasa but currently it is out of stock.

Holika Holika Pore Magic Cover Mousse Starter SPF30 PA++ is a pore cover, makeup base and sun screen. The mousse-type product is to be used before makeup application. By tightening and covering wide pores, it helps make a clean and even skin textures. By blocking UV rays and reflecting the light, it maintains clean and bright skin tone. Smart Oil Balancing Powder makes fresh skin condition by controlling excess sebum and oil.

Pore Magic Cover Mousse Starter SPF30 PA++ contains hot-spring water, which has abundant mineral ingredients, and jojoba oil to moisturize the skin without sticky feeling.


 Good Part:

♥ Smells nice
♥ SPF 30
♥ Makes skin feel smooth
♥ Not drying
Bad Part:
♡ Takes time to blend in
♡ Alot comes out

♡ Makes skin a pink-ish tone

♡ Doesn't really cover pores that well



Sorry for the messy lid, there was no point cleaning it since it gets dirty everytime i use the product





No Flash                                                 Flash

Overall: 7/10

The mousse smells really fresh and nice but only alittle like strawberries. It's kind of 'slippery' so it took awhile to blend into my skin, i always had parts were i didn't blend it in properly since i was in a hurry. The texture is very different to other products and reminds me of foam shower gels. The bad thing about the mousse is alot comes out even when you press it gently but there's ALOT of product inside so it's not too bad. The mousse didn't really 'cover' my pores but instead made my skin look brighter and have a pink-ish tone. There is coverage but just not alot. My skin felt smoother after applying this, it had a 'velvety' sort of touch. This is the alternative option when i need to use something with SPF that isn't BB cream or sunscreen. I think using this product then adding bb cream would feel too heavy on the face but that's only my opinion. This product isn't too bad but i wouldn't buy it again. It's good to experiment with new products ^^.

Riame xx

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