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Hi guys :] Today is the last day of my holidays and i'm just at home preparing myself mentally and physically for uni. I got my favourite pair of contact lens from Pinky Paradise (Hana SPC Natural Grey) a week ago and it arrived a few days ago :]. You really can't beat Pinky Paradise's fast shipping. I also bought 2 pairs of shoes from The Iconic. I always saw the advertisements on the side of many websites but never went on it until recently, it was shoe heaven. As soon as they arrive, i'll review the website! Today, continuing from my last blog post which was a Birthday OOTD, i have a restaurant review on Holy Basil. Enjoy :]]


Review: Holy Basil Shark Hotel


Eat. Drink. Laugh. 
Enjoying a shared meal with friends and family is trait commonly displayed by the Lao people. A distinctive cuisine dominated with fresh herbs and spices is like no other cuisine on earth, with a delicate balance between sweet, sour and spicy. The deliciously fiery and frenetic food is balanced with their welcoming and laid back nature.
At Holy Basil, we are a family owned and operated restaurant that aims to share with you the integrity of our family recipes as well as new food concepts using old techniques borrowed from our past.


Atmosphere: 7/10 Very loud and very busy! Holy Basil is filled with people and the atmosphere is very energetic and booming with music from the bar on the outside. The restaurant is located at the back of a large building with the bar infront and Zaia located upstairs. It's hard to have a conversation with the person opposite you without having to raise your voice or repeat a sentence.

Design: 8/10 The design of the restaurant itself is quite nice, there is a glass waterfall on the left and a few statues on the counter and also large paintings on the walls to give that authentic feel.
Food Quality: 8.5/10 Food tastes great! It's very flavoursome and yummy however one thing Holy Basil does that i can't take is make their dishes really spicy. I love spicy food but it was so hard to eat some of the dishes without sticking my tongue out like a dog and gulping down the drink i ordered, oh yes and sweating. There are 4 different spicy levels that you can choose from for certain types of dishes, be warned...if you're not that great with spicy food...mild which is the lowest is the best option! I chose medium and it was painful...delicious but painful.
Food Range: 7.5/10 Good range however i thought there should be more rice and noodle dishes.
Service: 7.5/10 Most waiters are really busy so you really have to call out to them if you want service, just saying :].  
Price: 7/10 Thai food is usually really cheap but Holy Basil's is slightly more expensive than the average price but still affordable.
Overall: 8.5/10 The food is great...despite the painful spiciness and it's a good place to eat with a group of friends if you want music booming in the background and don't mind a noisy environment. You have to try this place at least once! :D It's definitely recommended to book because this place fills up REALLY quickly and the wait will be long.

Shark Hotel 127 Liverpool St,

Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 9283 8284

Lunch: 12pm-3pm

Dinner: 5pm-12 MIDNIGHT

Zelo 8590

Watermelon Mocktail


Passionfruit Mocktail


Avocado Mocktail. Really good but i wanted it slightly sweeter!




Calamari Salad, spicy!


I think this was red curry...GANG DANG


My friend took this photo and he kind of failed since it's so far away, hahah. PAD MED MAMUANG


Thai Fried Crab Meat rice, KHAO PAD PU..finally something not spicy i think...


Panang curry! GANG PANANG, this was really nice..and spicy


Peanut sauce stir fry! Yummm~ PRA RAM LONG SONG

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This was really good!! PAD SEE EW

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Nice but SPICYY! Green Curry, GANG KIEW WAN


Pad Thai! Holy Basil's pad thai is really different to the usual kind. They use some kind of special sauce. It was good but i prefer the normal kind ^^

Zelo 8609

White Harbour. Basically it's sticky rice, muesli, caramel sauce, ice cream and jackfruit.


Holy Basil is famous for their fried ice cream since they use filo pastry on the outside. If you go Holy Basil, you MUST try this! Reminds me of caramel popcorn and ice cream :]


My avocado shake and me :]


Love this girl <3

Riame xx

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