I'm Backkk~

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Hey everyone :]

I'm finally BACK!

China was so amazing and i loved every minute of it~

Can't wait to go back next year :D

I have alot to show you guys and right now

i'll just be posting up my review on HANA SPC Natural Grey

from www.pinkyparadise.com



Review Day 4: Hana SPC Natural Grey

Dia: 14.5

Water Content: 38%

Base Curve: 8.6cm


Comfort: 8/10 Very comfortable and it didn't roll around

in my eyes too much.


Colour8/10 I actually love this colour. It doesn't look too

scary but there is definitely a grey tone to the lenses that

makes you look innocent and cute :]]


Naturalness9/10 Well the name said it~ These lenses

are quite natural on my face and the colour isn't too vibrant

so it'd be perfect if your going for something on the natural side.


Enlargement10/10 Noticeable enlargement! Not too freakishly

big though.


Overall8.5/10 These lens are definitely worth buying and i love

them to bitss <3  


Flash                                       No Flash




Until nxt timee xx Riame

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