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Hey guys~

Not much going on in my life at the moment but i think

i got food poisoning today >~< Ahh....was so damn painful

and felt like i was dying hahah. Be careful of what you eat!!

Anyways back to cell rollers~

I got these cell rollers from sasa last time but never

got around to actually talking about them.

These things are so popular in Japan! All the Japanese

models use them to get slimmer faces, legs and arms :3

So i thought, hey it's worth a try :]

What it basically does is massages your fat so it can break

down. Usually people who exercise move around alot

so fat breaks down. This little massaging friend

does it for you and you don't even have to put in alot of effort!

Of course you won't be gaining any muscle because that's

what exercising does but it will help slim you down along with

your dieting method. Remember, this won't get rid of your fat

but it will help break it down...slowly :]

Oh...i also forgot to mention...they're cheap! :]

So grab one today and try it ^~^

There's a huge variety like thigh rollers, arm, leg, face, neck etc.








Riame xx

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