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Hi guys! I'm in China at the moment so i haven't updated for awhile! When i get back, i'll probably do a short vlog and a big fashion haul :D. It's getting pretty cold here but the real coldness hits in January and i'm leaving in 11 days so i guess lucky me? I came back to Shanghai this year to visit my grandma who is sick at the moment and i've basically just been travelling from one house to another and back again. I really wanted to check out the dance scene here and maybe take a few classes but this time... i sadly can't. Next time i go, i'll definitely go and maybe get to know a few people there too :]. The shopping is way better than Sydney but everywhere in Asia is. When i get back, I'll do the usual overseas entry and then some new reviews on beauty products and makeup that i got. Until next time! Riame xx

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