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Life Post. Long Rant. Skip to the posts below if you'd like. Missha Facial Masks are alot more interesting anyway.


Yesterday an incident happened which made me want to rant about it on my blog so here i am ready to rant. I don't usually do this but i just needed to write it somewhere and everyone who reads my blog for the beauty part can just ignore this completely :]. I know that in the society nowadays, swearing is part of a person's everyday life and i have nothing against that but when people use it freely towards me, i personally dislike it. I know alot of girls who don't mind it so i suppose that's why guys use it like it's nothing but sometimes you need to know your boundary on different girls especially when you're not close friends with them. I have a friend who probably can't spend 1 hour without swearing and even though i think it's a really bad habit and that she should change when she's older, whenever she swears or uses rough language to insult me, it doesn't really affect me since i'm used to her personality being like that and also she's a close friend. I think if guys ever saw the comments she uses on facebook, they'd believe it would be 'okay' to call me that too when we joke again and that i won't get affended. Maybe also because that's how they speak to the rest of their chick friends, they believe it's okay to talk to everyone like that. Well that's wrong and i think people should always be aware of what they say towards people that they don't know all THAT well. If someone knew me well, they'd know i dislike things like that. When you're joking around with someone, 'fcuk you' (intended typo) is not a good comeback. I don't ever take it personally or get upset over the comments because that would be stupid and they don't actually mean it but it makes me think, was there not a better comeback then that? I have a friend that swears frequently but he's never used it towards or at me even when we were insulting each other in a joking and friendly way and because of that, i really respect him and although we aren't as close as before, i want to hold onto him as a friend because honestly i don't think i've had a friend like him before that has treated as well. So anyways just to make it clear, i don't have anything against swearing, people do it when they're angry or in pain so it's okay but i just think people should think twice before swearing at girls that they aren't completely familiar with because the truth being, no one ACTUALLY likes to be sweared at. Rant ended.

Riame xx

Here's a picture that will lighten up the mood. Look at that jumping puppy... :3 hehe~



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