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Today's review will be on Kiwiberry1

The site is very easy to browse and also has special discounts :]

If you are wanting to buy non-presciptions circle lens then this

site would be perfect and it is also cheap as well with great

customer service and shipping.



Kiwiberry1 Review:

I ordered:

-Geo Nudy Golden Blue

-Burn Series in Brown


Shipping:  8/10 It was very fast, very impressed with shipping. Came in less than 2 weeks. Shipping was also free for me since of their Christmas discount.


Packaging: 8/10 It was all wrapped up safely and everything was there. They also included a cute note saying Thank You for purchasing.


Price: 9/10 I found the prices very reasonable and also if you use the discounts they offer, such as 15% off first purchase or buy 5 lens get the 6th one free, it's even better.


Customer Service: 9/10 Good customer service, they replied after one day and were very kind and informative when ihad many question to ask.


Overall: 8.5/10 I'd definitely purchase from them again for non-presciption lens. :]]



 Burn Series in Brown


 Free Lens Case


Geo Nudy Golden Blue

Any questions. just ask :]


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Ein 06/17/2012 01:59

Hey there! I was wondering, does kiwiberry1 give you 2 lenses as a set, or do you have to order them individually?


Riame 06/17/2012 13:10

You have to order individually! When you go on their website, you just pick the lens you want, the degrees and add to the cart~ if you meant can you order more than 1 lens at a time, the answer
is yes since you can buy as many as you want and it's all packaged together. :]