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Hi guys!

As i think i said before~ i'll be doing a Korea post and a China post about my trip as well as a post about the shopping overseas. I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday :] and I'm so thankful if you're reading my blog ^^

I love Kpop and most Korean things so of course i had to go to Korea. It didn't disappoint.

A few things i realised:

-Coffee Shops EVERYWHERE...literally every 5 minute walk was a coffee shop...i think it's a good thing, we need more coffee shops with free wifi and plus it's a good place to study :D

-Korean students often hang out together after school, not go home

-There are always people outside so it has a very safe feel to it

-Soju is SO CHEAP. I think less than $2

-Makeup in Korea is very cheap as it's their own brands and not imported. They also pay alot attention to the products packaging as everything is made with detail, delicately and super cute-ly

-Everything is together...what i mean is...the main areas have everything in one building since all the stores are stacked on top of each other so it's like a huge building with everything you possible need

-Not alot of Korean people have their hair dyed, i didn't see it often..it's mostly black hair

-Shops usually always give free SAMPLES when you buy makeup products...best thing EVER :]

-Korean people are quite polite and bus drivers always bow their head to you...of course you should return it

Anyways I'll spam with some photos now ^^


See what i mean by a huge building stacked with shops~

China and Korea 123


Bread and hot chocolate YUM.

China and Korea 135

Dukbokki and Uden...YUM.

China and Korea 154

Super cute Italian restaurant

China and Korea 155

See what i mean by cute... :]

China and Korea 159

Paprika Chicken Spaghetti...amazingly GOOD.


Seoul :D

China and Korea 164

Namdaemun :]

China and Korea 169

My good friend and me eating fish cake covered goodness!

China and Korea 180

Pretty lights at night~

China and Korea 196

Got my hair dyed at a salon~ the colour was a redy brown however the colour has now faded and my hair looks more brown/orange :( so sad...

China and Korea 219

Street food!! Yummyy


Dongdaemun! Filled with good shops, markets and handsome guys :P

China and Korea 259

China and Korea 269

Being a tourist~

China and Korea 321

Got nails done! Hand painted~ Was really expensive though :O 5000 won per nail...

China and Korea 324


Nail place filled with nail polish *o*

China and Korea 414

Don katsu with cheese in the middle!

China and Korea 423


China and Korea 430

I saw Lee Dong wook at Myungdong :]

He was filming some talk show and was surrounded by girls @_@

Apart from that...very handsome ^^

China and Korea 456

Caribbean Bay!!

China and Korea 465

Massaging machines in the Spa section at Caribbean Bay~ We also had face masks applied~ Very relaxing :]

China and Korea 487

Goguma Pizza! So good!!


Spicy fried chicken! Omnomnomnom

China and Korea 593

Such a pretty view~

China and Korea 605


China and Korea 615

Everland had such pretty christmas decorations >< and the lights at night were also amazing

China and Korea 692


China and Korea 736

Gamjatang...so good...

China and Korea 770

Sauna~ Was so hot but it felt good to sweat out everything

China and Korea 810

Patbingsu and potato snack at the jimjilbang....really yummy


Hope you enjoyed all the picture spam...i'll have China ready soon as well!

Riame xx



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