Kracie Hadabisei Face Mask Review

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Hi guys~

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Anyways back with a review on Kracie Hadabisei

Facial Mask Clear.

Review: Kracie Hadabisei Facial Mask Clear


Apparently Kracie Hadabisei Facial Mask Clear is quite popular

in Japan!


-Brings out concentrated brightening benefits to skin.

-Infused with an intensive treatment essence that rapidly penetrates

deep into the core of the skin cells.

-Specially developed with vitamin C and natural collagen to improve

moisture balance and leave skin smooth and supple with a dewy

fresh vibrance.

-This mask will help suppress melanin from producing and also

prevent spots and freckles.

-The mask contains 20ml moisturizing essence.

-For clear and bright skin.


Overall: 8/10

-The mask was very moist and wet when i first took it out of the


-Felt cool on the face

-Skin did not itch or burn

-Afterwards skin felt re-freshed and moist

-I'm not too sure if it has brightened/whitened my skin...even if it

has, it wasn't very obvious

-Quite a nice mask to use occasionally but nothing super amazing some sort of strong scented moisturising cream, not

pleasant nor unpleasant

-Mask size was quite big as you can see above, it was wrinkled cuz

i couldn't flatten it out

Back soon~

Riame xx

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