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4 exams done, 2 to go! Woo~

Also only 3 days left of school~ Yepee!

And that means more time to blog :]]

19 days of holidays...oh heaven... :P

Ok now enough about my life and onto

my review on Glam Shine lipgloss!


Review: Loreal Paris Glam Shine in Lasting Coral










Flash                                                No Flash



Overall: 5.5/10 I'd just like to say this lipgloss is so ...... sticky! I

think it's because it has to be able to last for 6 hours but still!

Omg ><

The colour is quite nice though and i also love the

applicator. Pretty cute, don't you think? :]

The worst thing about this lip gloss is that it smells...i felt

sick from the smell. It smells like a closed makeup box full

of makeup but 100 times worse and since it's applied on the lips,

right under my nose...i endured it with pain. The lipgloss itself

doesn't last for 6 hours (although still pretty long) but instead the

glitter in the lipgloss is just glued onto your lips for who knows how

long. After removing the lipgloss, i still had sparkles on my lips for

several hours! If you don't care about what a lipgloss smells like,

then this would be a good product. If it didn't smell so bad, i'd

definitely rate it higher~


Riame xx

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Elle Belle 04/06/2011 10:10

I ♥ your blog Riame!
I have the same lipgloss but in Everlasting Melon!
They are pretty cute lipglosses :)