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Hi guys! Here with a food review on a sushi train that i went to a few weeks ago ^^. One of the things that i never get sick of is's amazing and i can eat stacks of it so the only option for me is to pig out at a sushi train.


Review: Makoto Sushi Bar Chatswood    


The beautiful interior décor consists of carbon walls and a high ceiling with glamorous curved lines. Please enjoy our fresh fish of the season from the fish market that are handpicked every morning. Since its opening in 2004, Makoto Chatswood has become a local favourite. Even though there are only 57 seats, we welcome 700 customers daily. Apart from our famous sushi, other dishes and desserts prepared in the upstairs kitchen are also popular.



Atmosphere: 7/10 I don't know but i never really liked the atmosphere at sushi trains since you're not facing your friends but instead staying at the cooks and random people from across the train. It's also hard to have a proper conversation without getting distracted by the sushi. But nevertheless, i go for the sushi and not the atmosphere.

Design: 6/10 The inside isn't really decorated and it's right next to the kitchen so not much for design however the cash register has some nice decorations.
Food Quality: 8/10 Pretty good. The fish was fresh and the sushi was made well.
Food Range: 7/10 Not as much as i expected. Maybe my expectations were too high and even though they had alot of salmon onigiri...there wasn't enough sushi rolls and other small side dishes. I think also on the day, they didn't make a few of the sushi rolls/onigiri which i have no idea why though.
Service: 7.5/10 Service was fairly good and they collected the lids every now and then as well as constantly re-filling the green tea.
Price: 6/10 Most of the prices weren't too bad since sushi trains are usually quite pricey, you can easily spend more than $50 for two people. I really wanted to try the Tuna Toro but it was $7.50...for two pieces! :[
Overall: 7.5/10 This place was not too bad but i want to try out other sushi trains before deciding which one will become my favourite. They serve high quality and good tasting sushi but lacked on variety (on the day). It's a good place to satisfy the sushi cravings!
Ground Level, 336 Victoria Ave 
Chatswood NSW 2067
Mon to Fri 11:30am - 3pm
Sat to Sun 11:30am - 3:30pm
Mon to Sat 5pm - 9:30pm
Sun 5pm - 9pm
Phone: (02) 9411 1838
(02) 9411 1835


Salmon Nigiri with onion and mayo


This was one of my favourites! Prawn tempura with egg mayo


King Fish Nigiri


Not sure what this is but it's like a seafood salad ship but this was also VERY GOOD.


I really wanted to try the Sea Urchin Ship since i've never had it before. Let's just say it was a very weird experience but i won't be having it again. It was...mushy...and tasted like......fart. I know that was a terrible description but that's exactly what it tasted like to me. You should always try new things so don't let my experience stop you :P


This was also one of the really yummy ones. Grilled Salmon Nigiri. Really nice combination of raw and grilled...


Not too sure what this was but it's something wrapped in salmon with a creamy..also maybe salmon topping. It was nice but not worth $6.80 D:


Japanese Green Tea. Really nice and you get refills too!


I think this was soft shell crab with some weird almond sauce on top. Honestly, i couldn't even taste the crab in it. This one was not worth the price.


Finished lunch off with Salmon Avocado Conveyor. You can't go wrong with avocado and salmon and this did not disappoint :].

Riame xx

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