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Hello guys~~

My exams are starting on Monday~ arghh.....the weekends will definitely be my ultimate cramming sesh >_<

I'm back with a few more lip gloss/stick/balm reviews that i said i'll post up :]


Lip Stick/Balm/Gloss Review:



Jetstream Lip Gloss in JS-32 Mimosa

Overall: 3.5/5 A bright shade of orange that actually looks pretty if matched with the right makeup and clothes. Formula is quite thick and sticky so it's hard to wipe off but is very opaque. Has a scent that can't really be described, i think a mix between orange and the smell of lip gloss. I don't wear this often but if i'm going for a bright look, this is definitely a good choice. :]




Maybelline Watershine 3D Essence in WE601

Overall: 4/5 Smart applicator that has holes in the middle so that when you twist the bottom, the lipgloss oozes through the holes. If you twist backwards, it also goes back in which is very handy. Formula has no scent and also isn't that sticky. Lipgloss creates a very polished look.



Loreal Invincible Kiss Proof in 101

Overall: 3/5 I didn't know this was long lasting so at firsti applied alot and it took me AGES to take off....arghh my poor lips. The colour is a nice shade of rosey pink and the formula is quite dry so make sure to apply lip conditioner or lip balm over the top to create the finished look. This lip stick is invincible, hahah, beware of the lasting power.








Covergirl Outlast Smoothwear in 810 Rose Satin

Overall: 3.5/5 The descriptions for this lip gloss/stain were very accurate. It's exactly what the package states, long lasting (extremely) and a satin texture. Only thing i can complain about is the smell >_>. It's very strong and not pleasant. Also you have to keep on re-applying the lip conditioner otherwise your lips will feel very dry. Very opaque and bright colour.




Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti-Oxidant Berry

Overall: 5/5 I love love this!! It smells super good and it also really moisturises your lips and helps keep them that way! It isn't sticky, thick or oily but instead a rather light formula that works very well in softening your lips. The smell resembles berry smoothie lollies :]]





Last of all, my favourite lipstick~

Overall: 5/5 I love this lipstick so much >_< but you know the funny thing is, it doesn't even have a brand or any label on it. I don't remember where i got it from but even without any of these, i still love it. Just shows you don't always have to buy the expensive products because cheap ones can look just as good :] That doesn't mean i'm going to only buy cheap products but just stating the fact :P



Just wanted to share a photo of my cute friend, Grace and me at our

Social (Semi-formal) Party. ^~^

Hope to finish all my exams soon!

Riame xx

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