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Hello hello :]]

Just finished using my last mask so i can review them all

now! :D


Review: My Beauty Diary Masks (Assorted)


What is it? They are facial masks originated from Taiwan

that come in cute packaging and interesting ingredients

that your skin will love! Oh and i forgot to mention, they

also are affordable~!


The ones i purchased from were:


-Black Pearl

-Pearl Powder

-Strawberry Yoghurt


-Apple Polyphenol

-Japanese Cherry Blossom

-FaceQ Grape Seed Green Tea 

-Face Q Ocean Aloe

-Face Q Red Pomegranate 








Black Pearl Mask 




Overall: 3/5

-Can't really describe the smell but it was nice

-Felt abit of burning when on my face

-Cooled my face (cold sensation) 

-Made skin firm and smooth


Aloe Mask



makeup 016

Overall: 3/5

-Had a subtle smell of aloe vera

-After taking it off, my face was slightly itchy

-Also felt like it was splashed with ice water (very cooling)

-Skin felt smooth


Pearl Powder Mask




Overall: 3.5/5

-Smelt like moisturising cream

-Made skin smooth and cool

-Slightly itchy when on the face

-Skin also felt abit dry afterwards


Apple Polyphenol Mask




Overall: 4.5/5

-Smelt like apple juice and also slightly of alcohol

-Made skin really soft

-No side effects like itchiness or burning


Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask




Overall: 3/5

-I've never known what cherry blossoms smelt like but wow

this mask spelt good! Definitely what i imagined cherry blossoms

to smell like.

-Very soothing and cool when applied to the face

-Afterwards face felt really hot internally but very cool on the outside

-Made skin feel firm and elastic


Natto Mask




Overall: 2.5/5

-I gave this one for my mum to use

-Couldn't remember the smell

-One word~ Sticky.


Strawberry Yogurt Mask




Overall: 5/5

-This one smelt so good! Although the fragrance was light,

strawberry yogurt scents filled my nose

-My favourite one :]]

-Ohhh yummy~~

-Afterwards skin felt super soft and smooth


FaceQ Ocean Aloe Mask

What it does:



-High efficiency in locking water


Overall: 4/5

-Nice ocean smell, like a breeze; very refreshing scent

-Made skin soft and smooth

-Got alittle itchy towards the end but not too bad


FaceQ Grape seed and Green tea Mask

What it does:

-Whitening and brightening


-Makes skin more elastic

-Anti oxidant 


Overall: N/A

-I had to throw this one away because i suspected it was

fake~ Apparently the rip dent is suppose to be 1cm away from

the top and the ones that look 1.5cm are fakes. I compared

it to the rest of my masks and the rip dent was definitely lower

and around 1.5cm. Make sure to check if your masks are fake

but even if we are warned, how are we suppose to know what

sites sell real ones and what sites sell fake ones. That's the


Things to look out for when they are fake:

-1.5cm rip dent

-the serial number behind the packaging does not have any letters

but instead only numbers

- There isn't a watermark of the serial number in front of the packaging

(There should be an engraved serial number at the bottom of the package)

-Check this website for more info!

FaceQ Red Pomegranate

What it does:

-Oil control


-Whitening and brightening

-Lightening of spots and fine lines

-Anti oxidant


Overall: 4.5/5

-Loved it!

-Smelt slightly of pomegranates

-Made skin silky and smooth



Hahaha i look so funny.... >_>




Hope these reviews helped!

Riame xx

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