My first BB cream

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Be ready guys because the upcoming next few blog posts will be on reviews! :D

I'm so excited to show you all the kawaii things i've bought recently.


Today will be Day 1: Review of prettyandcute products

I'm sure everyone knows the super cute website

I've been meaning to buy stuff off that site for agess

but didn't have a paypal account so sadly i had to wait.

The shipping was super fast! Around 5 business days which

was really quick from USA to Aus.

Items i ordered:

-Lioele Triple Beyond Solution BB cream

-20" Simple Innocence Hair extensions

-Heart #728B Fake eyelashes

and i got a free P&C foundation brush from using the code: frmheadtotoe

She's well-known and also a lovely blogger with amazing makeup tutorials.

Check her out at


I received my items in a small cardboard box filled with the foam peanuts. Pretty and Cute also give out free samples for those that purchase their items, which is a bonus ^^.


Overall i am quite happy with my products although i found shipping a tad too expensive.


I already took my hair extensions out :P  


Packaging of Lioele BB cream  


Loving this~!  


Cute and very long but the curved area where you put glue on

was abit stiff so when you put them on your eyes, it felt abit uncomfortable.


Brushes were soft and easy to use.


Please excuse my no makeup face~ :S

The only problem with the extensions was it was too black for my hair, you can see my brown bits of hair mixed with the extensions. Also it was on the thin side so i couldn't wear it without styling it first.

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Jess 10/27/2010 16:07

How much did prettyandcute charge you for shipping from us to aus?

Riame 10/28/2010 11:44

Hey Jess~

It depends on the weight of

your package so here is the list~

I'm pretty sure this is in USD


2.00lb :$36.96

3.00lb :$41.10

4.00lb: $45.24

5.00lb :$49.35