My Phobia/Fears

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Hey guys~ I thought this post would be fun to do and also you'll know alittle bit more about me :] Everyone has things that scare them and of course...i have more than the list i'm about to write down but there are always the strong fears where the reactions are much bigger. These are not in order!


1. Thunder and Lightening (Astraphobia)

I really HATE thunder and lightening since it scares the living daylights out of me. However as i've grown older, i've been able to tolerate it abit more. When i was young, i'd hide in my bed with the covers over me..blocking my ears and singing to myself or listen to my ipod on nearly full blast and i never do that. Nowadays, i just block my ears but i still hate it and if i was outside...i think i'd be going crazy. I always have a feeling the lightening will hit me/my car so i'm usually pretty paranoid.


2. Scary movies

This one is pretty bad. I can't watch scary movies...i mean i have in the past but after the movie, i'd go home and imagine everything from the movie happening to me...and i can't go to sleep at night...usually i'd have the covers over me and start sweating really badly...the only way i can go to sleep is if i sleep in my parent's bed with them..HAHAH so funny~ that's why i don't watch scary movies now otherwise that'd be EXTREMELY embarassing. When i'm forced into watching them..i'd just block my ears and close my eyes during most of the movie so i'm not very fun but even then..i'd still get the chills. Sometimes i think i can still see the movie even with my eyes closed but that's because my imagination is playing with me. I can't do anything by myself after watching a scary movie so..i never watch it. If i ever agree to watch a scary movie with you, you should feel very privileged since it's like a one to a million chance. :P


3. Dead Animals e.g road kill (Necrophobia)

I used to be scared of death when i was younger but i'm ok with it now. Took ages for me to get over it though. I used to cry alot knowing the fact that everyone i knew was going to die..including myself :S However my fear of dead animals has always stayed with me. I don't know what it is about them that scares me so much but i can't go anywhere near a dead animal otherwise i will start screaming and go crazy. It's funny for people to watch since my reactions are pretty extreme but definitely terrible for me. I remember getting told off by a teacher once since she thought i was just being an idiot -_-.


4. Spiders (Arachnophobia)

Don't like them...hate them...scares the crap out of me...enough said.


5. Being in the dark for too long with my eyes open (Nyctophobia?)

I'm not scared of the dark but if i have my eyes opened in the dark for a long time, i start to see weird things which is probably my imagination but it still scares me. I don't really like being in complete darkness unless i'm sleeping, since it reminds me of...death :/ and the fact that i don't know what is happening around me.

That's it from me :] Hope you enjoyed reading this random post about myself!

Riame xx

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