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Hey guys~

I'm still super busy but i just wanted to update because I received my pinkyparadise parcel today which i'll review in the future :] yay~

This included:

- 3 surprise gifts with the lens

- 3 animal contact cases

- Barbie Gossip Aqua

- Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown

- G&G Max Pure Brown

It's always a pleasure to order from as they have good customer service, are reliable and have a wide range of circle lens choices with fast shipping~



macaron 003

The thing that holds up your hair (i forgot what it was called) and two pairs of eye masks

macaron 004

Fish, frog and pig cases :]]

macaron 006

I love Max Pure Pink so i'm pretty sure Max Pure Brown will be equally as good and also just as comfortable :D

macaron 007

I don't know why but something about the Gossip Series seemed unique and special so i decided to get a pair and seeing as i don't have any blue lens, i thought Gossip Aqua would be perfect.


I originally wanted to get Sesame Grey as it looked amazing but...i think 15.0mm is abit too big for me seeing as my eyes aren't big and i wear my lens for quite a long time too so that'd definitely not be good for my eyes. Almond Browns were my second choice and luckily they are 14.5cm ^~^

macaron 008


macaron 009

Close-ups of the packaging


That's it for now~

Riame xx

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