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Hey everyone!

It is so cold in Shanghai fingers are pretty frozen as i am typing and no it has not started to snow yet~ It's only 3 degrees outside and it will be 0 tomorrow >_< The wind is very painful as it basically dries and freezes up your face as i experienced today...I'll be in Korea by this time tomorrow since my flight will be in the morning and apparently it's up to -10 degrees there...........great............>_>. I just hope i don't freeze to death there seeing as i'm not going to bring that much can only bring 20 kg on the plane~! So frustrating... >:/ The best time to go overseas to Asia is durING Autumn, the temperature is just right and there's so many choices of nice clothing and shoes :D Sadly...i had to come during the freezing season. Luckily good chinese food is all year round and i've been enjoying some really yummy breakfasts and dishes here~ Time to move on to Korea and eat lots of more yummy food~ I'll try to write a post when i'm in Korea ^^

I had this yesterday which is basically sticky rice on the outside and yummy goodies on the inside however i also had purple rice mixed with the white rice in mine~ It's called fan tuan

I also had portuguese tarts from KFC and they were soo GOOD...*drooling

Today for breakfast i had average sized meat buns which were really good..i think better than the really big ones~

For lunch today i had prawn dumplings~ yummyy heheh

The frozen ones are actually really nice as well~

*note* all pictures were found on google

Riame xx

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