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I haven't updated recently but i have so many things to show!
I recently ordered from Cherry Culture and i received the package today!
I ordered it on Sunday but they only sent out the parcel on Wed 3 March
and i received it already! I thought it would take around 2 weeks for the package to arrive since in some of the other blogs i've read, it took around 10-14 business days to arrive in Australia.
As a matter of fact, i haven't seen many bloggers from Australia review on Cherry Culture, maybe just a few.
Anyways when i got into the house, i ripped it open...took a good 10 minutes to because it was wrapped so tightly. Nothing was damaged which was definitely a bonus. The products were smaller than what i expected but it didn't matter because i ended up being so happy with all the things i bought.
I'd definitely buy from Cherry Culture again!
I'll be posting up photos this weekend so look out for the post :]
p.s I used UPSP International Priority Mail with NO tracking xD

What i ordered:
NYX Single Eyeshadows:
-Baby Blue
-Golden Bronze

NYX Round Lipsticks:
-Indian Pink

L.A Colours Nail Lacquer:
-Gold Sparkle
-Silver Glitter

Cherry Culture site:
Make sure to check them out, it's worth it ;)

Love Riame <3 x

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