OOTDs and some ramen

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Just wanted to post up some of my OOTDs~

and alittle bit of things from here and there

Heheh :]]



What i'm wearing:

-Espirit Brown Trenchcoat

-Valleygirl Dark Skinny Jeans

-Mum's black boots


BLAH 2951

What i'm wearing:

-Grandma handknitted White jumper

-Scarf bought from Hong Kong

-Valleygirl dark denim shorts

-Black stockings

-Mum's black boots (i love wearing these heheh)

-David Jones Black Turtleneck



Takeru anyone? Yes please :P omnomnom

Karaage Chicken Ramen~

This was really yummy BUT i realised not only did the bowls

get smaller but there was also only a few pieces of chicken :(

Sad...since before they gave you sooo much chicken D:

Yummy other then those minor problems~


Anyways what to expect in future posts:

-MAC Black Fluidline gel liner review

-Geo CK~109 Black lense review

-Maybelline Pure Makeup Foundation review

-Essential Hair Mask review

and all sorts of random things ^^

I actually need to review my two dolly wink false eyelashes~

but i haven't had to chance to wear them with makeup yet!

So i can't review them at the moment D:


Anyways until nxt time~

Riame xx

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