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Back with a quick review since i have time :D

So i've had my eyes on this baby since forever~

Tsubasa looks gorgeous with the Milk Tea hair dye

in the advertising pics and at that moment, the colour

was definitely love.

I absolutely love milk tea so you can see why

i'm particularly attracted to this colour. :]

I knew without bleaching my hair first, the

colour wouldn't be ask light as Tsubasa's

but it was worth a try.



Review Day 5: Palty Hair Dye in Milk Tea


Colour: 9/10 I love love loved the end result colour! It

was lighter than what i thought it would turn out to be

since i did start off with my natural black hair. It

wasn't exactly milk tea but still a pretty light/medium

brown colour that i was very pleased with :D


Naturalness: 8/10 All my friends said it looked very

natural on me.


Comfort: 8/10 All the reviews i read about palty dye

was that during the dyeing process, the dyeing mixture

stung the head but surprisingly i felt nothing.

At times it was alittle bit itchy but other than that,

everything was all good.


Overall: 9/10 This was definitely worth the money and

i am so gladd i bought it! I'll be buying alot more palty

from now on :]]





Inside comes with an instruction sheet, conditioning oil,

a comb head, palty colour and palty liquid.



 Before                               After



End result! xD


Love Riame xx

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Anonymous 07/31/2011 06:45

Oops sorry, I didn't see the comments before me Dx

Anonymous 07/31/2011 06:43

I was wondering,how long did you leave it in for?

Mimi 11/09/2010 17:47

That colour looks great! I want that too~ but did you have to leave it on longer than the recommended time? Or was it enough for you? Did you do anything else like blowdry your hair with the dye on
or wrap it in a showercap/cling wrap?

Riame 11/10/2010 06:49

Yes i did leave it longer than the recommended time but just by abit~ Don't leave it in too long or it will be very damaging (i left it in for around 50 mins when it should have been 30
mins)...and it depends on your natural hair colour since my hair is not very black~ Nope i did not wrap it in anything nor did i blowdry. After washing out the dye, i just put some of the camilla
oil that was included in the package and let it dry naturally..hope that helped :]]