Palty Hair Dye in Milk Tea (New Ver.)

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Hello guys!! :]]

Ahh busy week as usual~

Back with a review on the new packaged Palty Milk Tea.

My friend bought this for me for Christmas but i didn't

have a chance to use it until now~

At first i thought yayy because i loved the effects of the

last Milk Tea brown i used but man was i surprised.

I thought the new Milk Tea brown was the same one

as before but just with different packaging, wrong again!

Palty changed their Milk Tea Brown!! ARGH~

The colour is now darker which i was not expecting

so i was disappointed in the results because i was expect-

ing the usual nice, light, golden honey, milk tea colour.


Review: Palty Hair Dye in Milk Tea Brown (New Ver.)




The leftover Milk Tea Brown hair from last time turned orange~ arghh....


Review: 7.5/10 (For the colour)

-Basically the same as my review of it before but with a different colour

-The New Ver. had a redish tint to it as well as being darker

-I definitely preferred the old version because i liked how light it was~

-Formula still smelt like oranges :]


Comparison of the two~

I didn't really look at the back of the packaging but then i realised!

Left: New one                                              Right: Old One


The New Ver. IS darker as shown at the back!! I thought something was wrong with the hairdye but it was in fact different to before~~ You can see that the new ver. is at least a few shades darker than the old one. Ohh whyyy did they change it :( So sad~

Left: Old One                                            Right: New one


More reviews coming!

Riame xx

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