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I'll be doing quick reviews on

two pimple creams (Benzac AC and Clearasil Pimple Clearing



Review Day 11: Pimple Cream

Clearasil Pimple Clearing Cream in Vanishing  


Overall: 6/10 This cream was not as effective as i thought

it would be. It did help decrease my pimples but

ever so slowly, i think this cream would be good for those

with not alot of pimples but overall i wouldn't recommend

this to anyone. I've also heard it dries up your skin but since

my nose area is usually oily, this didn't apply to me.


Benzac AC 2.5%

(2.5% AND 5% is for the beginner users, if you

have very bad acne/pimples then 10% would

be better for you)

Overall: 9/10 I bought this shortly after my Clearasil

cream because my friend had recommended this.

It is simply amazing. I was astonished by the fast results

after just one application. This gel helps suck up the

unwanted oil in your skin, leaving it smooth and creating a

sort of matte effect. My pimples decreased after just one

application and within several days, they were gone! You

have to apply it regularly for good results. Only reason why

i didn't give it 10/10 was because it couldn't prevent some

of those super nasty pimples. Other than that, this product

is definitely worth buying.


Both can be bought from the pharmacy/chemist and you don't

need a prescription for Benzac AC.


Riame xx

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Andy1 01/23/2011 06:02

Benzac AC contains a moisturizing system called Acrylates Copolymer Glycerin Complex, that absorbs excess sebum from the skin and releases glycerin to hydrate the skin. It does not leave the skin
feeling dry and tight.

Detail see the article here: